Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What it's Like in January

Ohhhlala February here we come!
So much for trying to catch up with missed blog updates, I'm starting anew.

Yes, reset button please!

I'll blog whenever I find inspiration, not because I needed to at least update this blog, weekly, bi-weekly, whatevs. No promises this year for being a diligent blogger because that is just so impossible to achieve with the many things on my plate. Since it's still is a brand new year, technically for me, here's sharing what it's like in January for us. This snowy weather gave the 3 of us a nasty flu but glad we're all back to A-OK now. So thanks but no thanks to the very harsh cold January and we are embracing the much warmer February. Sending out our Warmth Love to y'all!


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