Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snow-Filled Weekend

When my folks left last weekend, mini-S got the flu bug. It was only a matter of time when me and Stripe were contaminated with the dreaded flu. Thank God we are all better and recovering after a week. It has been snowing since they left and has since snowed every now and then leaving us with 2-4 inches which is actually fun to the little boy. While we were recovering, we made it a point to do some early Spring Cleaning, yes, all the Winter clutter needs to be packed one by one. Packing and plenty of movies and music in between. What kept you busy over the weekend?
Some snow before my folks leave Virginia ⛄. Trivia: it does not usually snow in our side of VA but everytime my folks come to visit, it always snows . This would probably be their last visit in the East Coast, hoping that the next time they come to visit


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