Monday, October 29, 2012

treinta y cuatro

I'm on a roll updating this blog. 

If there is one good thing that this Frankenstorm brings, is the extra blogging time in my hands while I stay at home. (thus, extra shopping money to buy racks and stands)

So let me backtrack a bit. 

Sometime last month, I turned a year older. It was a quiet but memorable celebration with my boys and folks. I woke up to this: A 2-paged birthday tabloid written by the love of my life and my bday pancit cooked by the woman who brought me to this world.
Wonderful start of my 34th year ♥!
...and ended my day by blowing these cupcakes with my boys.
Thank you Lord for all the Blessings and another year to be a blessing to others.

Everyday is a gift, thank you for the gift of love. 


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