Saturday, March 31, 2012

These Trees

I was about to post this yesterday but when I had the mojo to blog, I realized it was Earth Day's Earth Hour program, so power's off for an hour. By the time the Earth Hour was finished, I had to join in with my boys who were having a blast playing Fruit Ninja/Dance Central in Kinect.

Anyway, THIS tree, my friends is called the Virginia Tree. I really do not see any difference of this tree with the other trees during Spring time, except that it changes its colors in a span of 3 weeks. First it would be white, then pink, then light red, then purple, then finally, green!
They call this the Virginia tree 

and more Virginia Trees!
And more Virginia trees 

Just another rainy Spring weekend in our side of the woods.
Hope you are all having a fun weekend!
Twas a gloomy & rainy Spring Saturday. 


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