Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer trip

I am not even done uploading our most recent road trip and yet, we are off for another long road trip tomorrow! Anyway, before I even forget to share these interesting photos I took from our recent trip, here they are.

Below is a photo of George Washington's original camping kit. The military coins are too small to be captured by my iphone.
George Washington's camping kit.

And this is the original American Flag.
The Original.

Purple Scene

Before I check on these rifle scopes, let me share a couple of photos I took and post-processed via 100 Cameras in 1 app during our daily run last week. How beautiful are these purple dandelions or not? I am not really sure what they are called but they looked like dandelions. Anyway, Stripe and I have lost 8 lbs combined from the running that we have been doing for almost 2 months now :). Such happy news!
Almost finishline @somethingpuple says goodnight to IGers 

catch of the day

On mini-Stripe's last day of Kindergarten, he requested to cap it off with a beach trip. Yes, dear friends, our little boy is counting down to 1st grade :P.

And so we obliged.

After all, there was also a musical fest in the area.
He really loves the beach (i bet it won't be long when he would start to ask for under water metal detectors) so much despite the fact that it was a jellyfish season, meaning he can get stung by jellyfish anytime. More so, held a jellyfish by his hand. I am glad that instead of grabbing the jellyfish, this was his catch of the day.
Ethan's catch of the day.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

free dinner

I was meaning to process some photos taken during our Memorial Weekend and share them here but I am so pooped! Stripe and I ran 4km today with uphill and downhill combination. Then, we got invited for free dinner, check out what we had for free! Maybe tomorrow I'll find time to process those photos and blog them here. In the meantime, I need to check on these columbus jobs.

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