Thursday, December 29, 2011

Prayer for 2012

This will be my last blog entry for the year, not exactly how I would want it written, rushed and short but better blog something than nothing. I may have been such a negligent blogger in 2011 but I promise to share more photos here in 2012, more photos lesser words. This is a photoblog after all. I may write some more articles about my greatest online finds such as these la femme prom dresses online but, I will try to post the everyday photos I took using my iPhone4. I will need to find a way to crosspost my Instagram pics in this blog. So before the last 3 days of the year get so busy, here's sharing a beautiful prayer by Bo Sanchez. Wishing you all a blessed and peaceful 2012! Thank you for reading this blog in 2011 despite the very irregular blog postings.
The reason for the season.

“I declare I’ll have a super-blessed year in 2012! I claim a year of amazing abundance for my life. This year, I shall receive more love and give more love. I shall experience more joy, greater generosity, dreams fulfilled, financial increase, open doors, new opportunities, divine connections, supernatural appointments, great miracles, answered prayers, and exponential growth—Amen!”


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