Thursday, September 1, 2011


We attended mini-Stripe's school's open house today.
It was so overwhelming knowing that it is going to be a challenging year as he is now a first grader. Sadly, A is not in his class anymore but I know that they will still be together every weekend doing sports and playdates. It will be a whole new experience to mini-S because there is only 1 boy in his class that used to be his classmate in Kindergarten, fortunately, this boy is one of his best pals. Then as we were driving home, I felt a chilly breeze brushed away my hair. There is no denying Autumn is almost here and I ain't ready for the colder seasons...yet! This reminds me to buy isuzu custom floor mats to help us prepare for the occassional snow. And just as much as I want for Summer to stay longer, I can only hold on to this picture of lovely sunflowers against the rays of sun.

Hope you'd all be warm despite the coming colder seasons!
Have a Sunshiney ber months y'all!


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